Auto Device Detection

The architecture of Pegboard7 has been built so that devices connecting into the URL are automatically detected and render the appropriate design for the Website. This enables organizations to specifically leverage off PegboardCo to specific environments that they need to display or render to simply and easily.


  • Covers all standard devices
  • Ability to customize design to different screen sizes that are not standard
  • Administrative features
  • Simple Skin settings
  • Automatic device detection

Pegboard Smartphone App

The Pegboard Mobile Content Manager (MCM) is a productivity tool that delivers Marketing managers, Website owners and Content contributors a way of adding, editing and broadcasting content on their Pegboard Websites and Social Media collateral from their Smartphone.

  • Available in iPhone App store
  • Available in Android App store
  • Ability to manage News
  • Ability to manage Blogs
  • Ability to manage Galleries
  • Integrate into the PegboardCo social media broadcasting engine
  • Security protocols in place

Smartphone Application Builds

Market leading companies, globally, are capitalizing on the smart phone phenomenon to build stronger customer relationships. Almost all of them have Smartphone applications to attract new customers as well as keep in touch with their existing customers.

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Integrated with ODP
  • Administrative Features
  • Process Management

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